It’s Time

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This will not be easy. Simply purchasing powerful technology tools is not enough.

It’s time.

It’s time to work together and build our digital curricula. It’s time to forget about educational content curation being a corporate activity. It’s time to take over the production of the materials that we use to teach. It’s time to collaborate and share across districts and communities.

It’s time to revisit each curriculum. In some cases it’s time to simply integrate new digital resources and materials. In other cases it’s time to completely start over.

It’s NOT time to simply recreate your current curriculum in digital format. It’s NOT time to take your old documents and simply make PDF versions. It’s NOT time to take the easy way out of the curation process.

A few years ago we created the Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative because we wanted to provide educators with a starting point. MADPC helps educators learn about the critical skills needed in digital content curation, production, and distribution. When we started MADPC many Massachusetts schools were just starting to consider 1:1 environments. We realized that the biggest challenge we would face is the fact that we often complete the curriculum development process in isolation. There is no longer time for isolation.

This process takes commitment. There is no magic formula. We must help each other learn about the resources available to us and how best to use them. We must support the technology related skills needed to complete the work. We must provide opportunities to share and collaborate. We must build a network of curating educators.

Join us for the 2013 Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative – June 26-28 at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, MA. Registration is now open for this free event hosted by Burlington Public Schools and the BPS EdTech Team. One ticket provides access to all three days of the event. Participants can attend for as much time as they can.

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