Subtext app update

The social reading application, Subtext, recently added new features to its iOS application. Subtext allows teachers and students to read books on the app as well as upload ePub (and PDF files coming soon). Teachers and students can also pull articles from any website on the web and save them to subtext. This feature only brings in the text and some links.

In their latest update, Subtext allows Teachers to create assignments with any text or article on the group shelf and provides Google drive integration. 

Teachers can add an assignment by clicking on the + sign

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And then Teachers can title the assignment, select pages for students to read, add categorical tags (such as characterization, foreshadowing, etc.), and post a introduction message to the assignment and a message when the students finish the reading.



The other new feature that was recently added was Google drive integration. Students and teachers can now access their Google drive and all of the docs while working within the pages of Subtext. At the top of every page, there is a lowercase ‘g’. When users tap on that the page will flip and users can sign into their Google drive account.

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Once signed into Google drive, users can access a previously created document or they can create a new document or spreadsheet. Plus, users can create a running bibliography list, or start a rough draft for an essay they are working on. This feature also allows users to bring in their highlighted passages and use while constructing their essay or research paper. In short, it’s a great, all-in-one application for research and reading.

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Since its launch, Subtext has been one of my favorite applications for beginning a close reading of a text, building discussions around a text outside of the classroom, and engaging students in the reading and now, the writing process. Their updates are directly related to what teachers and students want. If you’re interested in starting your class on a Subtext reading assignment, please let me know. You can also follow them on Twitter @readwithsubtext 


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