Thank you to everyone who was part of iCon2013 in Burlington. Over 300 educators and students attended the two day event which featured 1:1 school visits and educational technology discussions.

Members of our BHS Student HelpDesk were on hand to assist guests and discuss the 1:1 environment at Burlington High School. Our HelpDesk students also had an opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from the tech crew at Bishop Stang High School during the event. Thank you to the BSHS team for attending and being part of the discussion.

The BPS EdTech Team is always appreciative of the people who attend our events. Attendees often give up their time on a Saturday to share, connect, and learn from each other. Many of the best qualities of education and those of us who work as educators were represented at iCon2013. Teachers and students shared ideas and showed the collaborative spirit that makes education great.

The time of teaching in district by district isolation is over. We must work together to create powerful and engaging digital content. We must help each other through the process and learn from each other along the way. These opportunities may not always come from within our own districts or during contractual professional develop times. Continue the discussions  by developing your own learning network and seek more free opportunities created by educators to meet together.

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