MSMS is now 1:1 iPads

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Marshall Simonds Middle School is now 1:1 with iPads! The BPS EdTech Team and MSMS staff have completed the 1:1 iPad distribution. All MSMS students now have their own iPads to use at school each day. MSMS has almost 850 students in grades 6-8.

Students received their iPads last week during special brunches. The best part of the deployment was how excited students were to receive their iPads. Several students mentioned that they couldn’t wait to get to school for the distribution days.

MSMS classrooms quickly featured lessons and activities using Evernote, Explain Everything, Notability, Haiku Deck, and DoodleCast Pro. Students clearly needed little explanation about how to use the device. I was very impressed at how engaged students were and how much they looked forward to using the devices for academic work.

Thank you to the BPS EdTech Team and BHS Student HelpDesk for their assistance. Thank you as well to the MSMS staff. MSMS teachers have been getting ready for the 1:1 environment for over a year and their students are already benefiting from their preparation. A special thanks goes to MSMS Library Media Specialist Andy Dexter for his support for the 1:1 initiative. Andy has developed a Student HelpDesk Activity Block and is working closely with all Homeroom Tech Leaders.

I am confident that MSMS will continue to develop an outstanding 1:1 environment for students and teachers. I am looking forward to helping the MSMS community during this new experience.

Please continue to follow this blog for details about the 1:1 program at MSMS. We will feature some the experiences, projects, lessons, and activities of students and the 1:1 environment at MSMS.

Dennis Villano, Director of Technology Integration

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