Google Forms get a refresh

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 10.50.39 AM

As part of the Google drive suite of applications, Google Forms got a major update today in both features and aesthetics . One of the first things users will notice is the new design. The design is much cleaner and looks as if it was pasted on a Google doc. All of the previous features have carried over, however; there are some great new features.

Another major update is the ability to share a form and create it collaboratively with a team. Multiple users can collaborate in real time on a form and engage in a side-bar chat window. Before, only one person could edit and create a form, now several users can use this to create a collaborative form.

Users can also select the destination for responses. Before, Google forms would automatically send the responses to a new Google Spreadsheet. While this feature still remains, users can now select one spreadsheet to have multiple forms sent to rather than having a new one created each time. So, technically, teachers can create multiple forms and have the responses sent to one single spreadsheet.

Finally, after collecting responses, users can now download a .csv file (comma separated values) to their computer. This file allows users to take the data collected and import it directly into a program such as MS Excel for more advanced data analysis.

And that’s about it for this refresh. Please see the video below for an overview of the new features available for Google Forms

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