The Paragraph App on the Newsstand for iPad

There is a free app now available in the Apple Newsstand called Paragraph. Paragraph is a free magazine app that will download to the newsstand and also boasts a free subscription. Each issue contains seven pieces of short fiction brought into the magazine from such publications as The New Yorker, Paris Review, and Zoetrope. Paragraph’s short pieces create a more of a multimedia literary experience by integrating text, video, and audio pieces. Plus, the app features some of the premier fiction writers in the world. The app also allows users to listen to the author read their pieces.

When Paragraph releases a new issue, users will receive an alert badge to download the latest issue. All previous issues are archived on the newsstand as well. This app presents a great opportunity for secondary and higher ed. teachers to incorporate short fiction pieces at no cost. Plus, once the app is downloaded to the iPad students can read the pieces offline. Users also have the ability to create a favorites list of pieces, share pieces to various social networks and bookmark their place in the text.

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