Google Apps for iOS Series: YouTube Capture

I have come to a recent conclusion: I really like running Google applications on my iOS devices. Roughly a year ago, this sentiment was not something I could even conceive saying. However, since September of this year Google has kicked their iOS app development into overdrive and created some really nice applications for Apple users. This trend is a good thing for schools that find themselves iOS devices with the Google Apps for Education suite.

Most recently, Google released the YouTube capture app for the iPhone. Like all apps created exclusively for the iPhone this application also runs on the iPad and iPad mini devices. The Capture app is a quick way to take video, edit video and post privately or publicly to a YouTube account. For teachers looking for an easy way to capture student projects, speeches, or any event that requires video, capture will be your answer. Teachers can also use this application to create quick lessons that students can view via the web or on their iOS device.

To start, students will want to download the app from the App store and make sure they toggle between iPad apps and iPhone apps. Once the iPhone app button is active, it will display the Capture app.

When the capture app is launched, anyone with a Google apps account or a personal Google account can sign in. Once you sign in, the app will take you through a brief tutorial and ask you if you want to “enable camera roll”. This option will allow the app to access all of the previously recorded videos on your iOS device and they will be synced with this app. Again, this is optional so you are not required to use this feature.

Once you get through the intro screen you will be brought to the main screen which is the video recorder. To film, you will be asked to turn the device horizontally to begin filming. After you have finished filming you have some basic editing options as well as the ability to upload it privately, publicly or unlisted. Videos will be saved on the app, your camera roll and on the YouTube account you signed in with initially.

The video below will walk you through the rest of the steps and features for the YouTube capture application. Enjoy!


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