Schedule Emails with Boomerang for GMail

The GMail system is one of the best web-based email systems out there. Its intuitive design and variety of options with “Labs”. However, the ability to schedule messages to be sent is not yet available. One teacher brought this to my attention when she asked if it was possible to send a homework reminder to her students via email every Monday. I wasn’t sure off hand, but figured the feature had to be available. Much to my surprise it was not available within the array of features offered by Google, however; it was as a third party extension. This extension is called Boomerang. Boomerang is an easy install and can be used with the Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is not available to install and use on Internet Explorer.

Once you install the Chrome or Firefox extension, the screen will refresh and prompt you to sign into your email. When you go to “compose message” you will see some new buttons available. Follow the screenshots below to get started with Boomerang for GMail. If you have any questions about this extension, please contact the help desk.

Install Boomerang Extension:

Once Boomerang installs you will see some new buttons on your GMail compose screen. Here are the steps to setup commands for scheduled email messages.


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