Google Voice Search for iOS and Android

Feeling left out because you don’t have Siri? Sulk no more, the Google Search App released an update recently to its popular iOS and Android application. The update allows users on iOS and Android platforms to verbally ask questions to the search engine and receive answers back very quickly. Users can save search queries, navigate to other search categories (news, images, video, etc.), find points of interests, directions, etc. What sets this update apart from previous search dictation options is that the Google search app will respond to your search query.

I can see this feature being a great way of teaching students, K-12, how to construct a search query. The app gives them an immediate response and they can immediately see the results of a search query that may not turn out how they intended. In the video below I find out quickly that when I simply search for Patrick Larkin I get a much different result than I intended. Students can quickly revise their search and try a new query.

You can watch the video below how to get started with the Google search app voice search.

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