Activating New Student Accounts

All Burlington Public Schools students (grades PreK-12) have full network log in accounts and Google Apps for Education accounts. Students need to log into these accounts for the first time and create their individual passwords. All BPS students will begin creating digital portfolios this year using Blogger. Students should create a portfolio after logging into their Google account.

This post describes some of the important initial steps required to activate these accounts.

BPS Network Log In Accounts – students can log in for the first time using their LASID number as the username and leaving the password blank. Once the students log in – the system should prompt the student to set a new individual password.

Student Google Apps for Education Accounts – students can log in for the first time at Students use their as the username. The initial password is Burlington. Once the student logs in for the first time – Google should prompt the student to create a new password.

Student Digital Portfolios using Blogger – once a student has logged into Google for the first time and set a new password – the student can access Blogger and create their Student Digital Portfolio. Each student will need to create a Blogger Profile – this should be the same as their portfolio Title and Address. This naming structure will remain consistent for all students.


Example: dennisv1234

All BPS Student Digital Portfolios will be created under the Burlington Google Apps for Education domain. Students in PreK-8 will have higher levels of security set for the portfolios. Students should activate Privacy settings when the portfolio is created. Privacy settings for portfolios in grades PreK-8 should be changed from the default setting (Anybody) so that portfolios are not made available to the public.

All BPS student portfolios should have Comments Held for Moderation. Comments must be approved by a teacher or student before it is posted. Comment Moderation should be set to Always. Students in grades PreK-8 can have comment moderation requests sent via email to a teacher. Anyone who wants to post a comment to portfolios in grades PreK-8 must be an invited reader since portfolios for grades PreK-8 are not available to the public.

Please contact members of your school’s EdTech Team for assistance. Please also contact me or Patrick Larkin with questions regarding student accounts and portfolios.

Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent for Learning
Dennis Villano, Director of Technology Integration

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