Haiku Deck Presentation App for the iPad


For years, MS PowerPoint has been the dominant presentation tool for students and teachers. PowerPoint’s flaw is that it overwhelms users with unnecessary features (flying text is so necessary to make a point). Plus, it’s not a very mobile application and requires you to have a MS Office license. Paid applications…boo!

The presentation app that will make you forget PowerPoint ever existed is Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is a free application for the iPad and boasts a clean, intuitive interface. Along with the crisp interface, students and teachers can access haiku deck presentations directly from the app and via the web.

Haiku Deck Tutorial

When building a presentation, users can search for images from within the app and embed them immediately. The app also allows users to take pictures and upload from the camera roll, facebook, instagram, flickr, and picasa accounts. Users can play the presentation directly from the iPad, email them, and share with facebook and twitter.

The next time you decide to have students present, have them try haiku deck.

Choose from several themes and start editing


Search for images by keyword


Toggle between different layouts for each slide


Share presentations

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review our app! I am one of the co-founders of the company. Both my parents are teachers and I spent a year teaching in a middle-school computer lab, so I’m very excited to see Haiku Deck being used in the classroom. Please let us know if you or your students have any features that you’d like to see added.

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