Some notes on the Reflection App

This year we introduced the Reflection app for PC and Mac at BPSCON. The application allows the iPad screen to be projected on any PC or Mac via AirPlay technology integrated into all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 and higher. In addition, users must download the reflection app from their site. On their website you can run a trial version or you can come to help desk to get the application installed with the activation code.

Over the past two days, I used the reflection app for 40 student presentations in my class. While we were getting students connected to the app, I discovered a few minor glitches. Here is what I discovered along with the solutions to fix each problem.

1. Make sure your laptop and the students’ iPads are on the same network. If you are logged on to BPS and the student is on BURLINGTON, it will not connect.

2. In some cases the AirPlay icon did not show. If this happens, have the students go into their settings, turn off the wi-fi temporarily, and then slide it back into the “on” position. Double click the home button, and swipe the dock to the right. The AirPlay icon should now be visible.

1. wifi is on


2. turn wifi off and then back on

3. If the above options fail, try and close the reflection app on your laptop and reopen it. Also, you could have the student restart his or her iPad and hopefully this will alleviate the issue (NOTE: if the iPad is running firmware lower than 5.0, AirPlay functionality will not be available).

Like most applications, reflection has a few minor hiccups, however it really transforms the 1:1 classroom management experience with the iPad. Plus, removes the tether from the front of the room projector. The Reflection app allows teachers and students to be mobile with the app in use and allow teachers to have students post their screen at a moments notice.

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    1. We have teachers using both Mac and PC. We have had some issues with video content not playing from within an app. This usually occurs when the app tries to send the video to full screen. However, this has only been on a few apps.

  1. I found a lag time of up to 10 seconds using Reflection. Have you experienced this? If so, have you found ways to alleviate the issue?

    1. We haven’t experienced this as far as I know. However, a few school districts have contacted us about some lag issues. This appears to be related to network speeds and wifi connections since Reflection relies on a strong connection.

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