How Do I Do That – May 2012

The BPS EdTech Team would like to invite all staff to the May sessions of our technology series. The How Do I Do That program provides opportunities for staff to learn about technology topics and devices. Staff members are encouraged to attend any sessions that interest them. All sessions run from 3 to 5:00pm – however – participants do not have to stay for the entire session. Please arrive and attend for as long as you are able to. Please remember that this year participants can bundle hours to earn Burlington Public Schools inservice credits. You must complete twenty total contact hours at sessions this year to earn two inservice credits.

There are three great sessions in May. Sessions feature iPads and Apps for Instruction, Google Docs, and a special session about the new interactive classrooms with Apple TVs that will soon be completed at Marshall Simonds Middle School.

Patrick Murphy, Fox Hill Library Media Specialist will lead a session on using iPads and apps for instruction in the classroom. This How Do I Do That session will focus on iPad tips and tricks and how these can be integrated into the preparing of instructional materials and instruction itself. Several apps and web based programs will be featured. Ideas about how to use these apps with students, teachers, and even with blogs will be demonstrated.

Members of the EdTech and IT Teams will lead a session another May session on Google Docs. Andy Marcinek, Bob Cunha, and Dennis Villano will lead a Google Docs 101 session featuring tips and support for using the applications in the classroom. The session will provide significant time set aside for questions and guidance with individual teacher needs with Google Docs and the Google Suite of Apps.

Dennis Villano and Bob Cunha will lead the third May session. This session will provide information about the new interactive classrooms being developed at Marshall Simonds Middle School. These classrooms will have interactive LCD projectors and Apple TVs for wireless connection to iPads. Please attend to learn more about these classrooms and the devices featured in them. This session is not just for MSMS teachers – anyone interested in learning more about iPads and Apple TV should attend.

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