How Do I Do That – March 2012

The BPS EdTech Team would like to invite all staff to the March sessions of our technology series. The How Do I Do That program provides opportunities for staff to learn about technology topics and devices. Staff members are encouraged to attend any sessions that interest them. All sessions run from 3 to 5:30pm – however – participants do not have to stay for the entire session. Please arrive and attend for as long as you are able to. Please remember that this year participants can bundle hours to earn Burlington Public Schools inservice credits. You must complete twenty total contact hours at sessions this year to earn two inservice credits.

March sessions feature TouchIT Boards and teacher blogs.

Bob Cunha will lead another session on TouchIT Boards and Wizteach Software On Tuesday, March 6 at Pine Glen Elementary School. TouchIT Boards have now been installed in rooms throughout every elementary school in Burlington. TouchIT Boards and WizTeach software are an interactive whiteboard product similar to SMART Boards and SMART Notebook. Bob Cunha will provide important information about the boards, how to use them in class, and an introduction to WizTeach. Participants will also be provided with time to explore the software.

Linda O’Leary will lead a session on blogs for teachers on Tuesday, March 20 at Marshall Simonds. Teacher blogs in Burlington have continued to grow as a powerful communication and curriculum tool. Linda will help with the set up and design of a blog as well as show some of the ways to integrate them into your classroom.


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