Tools You Can Use – Week of February 13, 2012


I was talking with a staff member about Tube Chop last week, so I thought I would share this great resource with everyone. Tube Chop allows you to take segments of You Tube videos and get right to the part that you want to share by giving you a link or an embed code so that you can share the highlighted clip with your audience.

So instead of showing a long You Tube video because you love a small portion of it, you can chop the part you want and get right to the good part.

Here’s a sample below from Diana Laufenberg’s great TedX talk titled “How to Learn? From Mistakes” – The entire video is just over 10 minutes (and I recommend watching the whole thing) but I chopped a short segment where Diana shared an insight about students that all educators need to reflect upon.  The entire process took less than a minute.

While I am on the subject of YouTube videos, I recommend the following You Tu be Channels for quality YouTube videos for your classroom:

YouTube Education Channel

Open University

Ted Education


Library of Congress

Yale University


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