Read a Book. Give a Book.

Thank you to Burlington District Library Assistant Rose Magliozzi for this update about We Give Books:

Read a Book. Give a Book.

We Give Books is a free online ebook website of books for elementary students up to the age of ten with a charitable mission. This online library offers teachers, students and parents the chance to read popular titles online, for free.

Penguin Group and Pearson Foundation rewards your reading with donations to a charitable organization of your choice. Choose a literacy partner campaign to support through your reading, choose a book to read, and then the more that you read, the more books that are shared with those that need them.

We Give Books makes an excellent companion to the interactive whiteboard projected by a classroom computer for a class read-along. Pull up a story and read the book orally, ask students to take turns reading, or simply follow along. Everyone can see the pictures and words. This is a great resource for practicing reading strategies together as a class.

We Give Books increases your classroom library and makes a great reading station on classroom computers. On those stories with a read-along option, students can follow along to build fluency, flow and vocabulary.

Create a classroom account and password you can share with your students and parents. Add to your We Give Books online classroom library of books you have already read. Share this site and information with your students and parents so they can access the same library of books at home, or even better, post it to your blog or website.

For more information visit We Give

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