BHS Student Help Desk Update

In a week, the Burlington High School Help Desk will be transitioning to the second semester and adding some new features. We are encouraging all of our faculty and staff to use the help desk to your advantage. We are here to help as much as possible and alleviate any stress or apprehension you may have with using technology in the classroom. If you feel like you do not have enough time to create a department blog, let us know. If you want to construct a lesson that involves a new application or incorporate technology, sign up one of our students to assist with this project. Don’t hesitate to inquire and seek our help.

Here are a few of the new features that will be coming to help desk in the spring semester.

1. Help Desk Tutorials

During the second semester teachers can schedule time during their free periods and come down to help desk for a one-on-one tutorial of your choice. This can be on a specific application that you want to learn more about or just an overview of the iPad or your computer. We will match you with a help desk student and you will have as much time as needed during that period. You can sign up for help desk tutorials here. This feature is also open to students. If you would like your class to learn how to use an application before starting a project, we can assist with this as well.

2. Share and Connect

I want to start highlighting the amazing work you and your students have been doing over the past semester on our blog. If you have a lesson that you designed that you are proud of along with student work that came out of that project, please share a short write up of the lesson and links to any student work. Here is an example of what Ms.Boyle created with her Calculus students.

3. In class assistance

If you would like help desk students to help with a lesson or setup equipment for a lesson you are conducting in class you can sign up for that time here. This student will be scheduled to meet with you during your period for as long as you need him or her.

4.Help Desk on Twitter

If you are using the Twitter you can now access help desk by using the hashtag #bhshelpdesk This will give us a quick method of responding to your issue immediately.

5. The BHS Resource Wiki

I mentioned this wikispace at the beginning of the year and want to have departments take over the space and add resources to it as they populate. You can join the wikispace by following the link to this address and I will approve you. Once approved, you can add a page or create a page for sharing resources for your entire department to use throughout the year. Think of it as a digital, communal file cabinet. Also, as we move towards creating more ePubs, it will be good to have this space to glean resources from when they are needed. If you have any questions about the wiki please contact me.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact me.

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