It’s time to upgrade to iOS 5

The iOS 5 firmware update has been out for over a month. There have been many rumors surrounding the update that I would like to address in this post.  The first thing all users must do is plug in your iPad to a computer and sync your device. If you have never synced your device you must find a computer and complete this task. If you do not have a computer to sync with you can come down to the help desk and schedule a sync appointment.

Once your device is synced with a computer, you should begin your firmware update. When you plug in your device you will see this screen.


If you are not prompted immediately by this screen you can also upgrade from this screen

If your device is up to date you will see this screen

After you select “Update” you can follow the two videos below. These two videos will walk you through the upgrade process to ensure that your device is upgraded properly.


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