Google Apps for Education Series: Creating a Collection in Google Docs

The next phase in the Google Apps for education series is creating a collection. A collection is basically a folder that allows you to organize your Google docs. You can also share a collection with several collaborators. When you share a folder each person you share it with will have access to its contents. If the docs are view only, then the shared docs in the shared folder will only be viewable, however if you have the documents set to edit, then each collaborator will have editing privileges. When you share a collection, you can also set the collection to view only. When this setting is enabled collaborators in the collection will only be able to see the contents of the folder and not edit or delete its contents.

Below I have created a step by step tutorial for creating, sharing, and organizing collections in Google Docs. There are videos and screenshots to guide your way. If you have any questions about this feature don’t hesitate to ask.

1. Get started by selecting create new


2. Select collection from the menu


3. Add a collection title and click ok


4. Once you’ve created a collection, here is how it will look.

5. Collection options

6. How to move items to your newly created collection

7. How to share a collection with collaborators





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