SMART Notebook Express


Burlington is now using two interactive whiteboard products. Burlington teachers have done a great job creating and implementing SMART Notebook lessons over the past few years as SMART Boards were the main interactive whiteboard product used in the district. We have now begun to introduce TouchIT Boards in many of our elementary classrooms. Teachers who would like to use previously created and saved SMART Notebook lessons are encouraged to use SMART Board Express.

SMART Board Express is a free web based application available to anyone. The application can be used to open saved or create new SMART Notebook lessons. SMART Notebook Express allows teachers to use these lessons with any interactive whiteboard product. We have attempted to open many previously saved SMART Notebook files and nearly all have opened exactly as originally created. The only issue has been some occasional formatting changes when images or videos were embedded in a lesson from a source other than SMART Notebook Gallery.

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Click on Open an existing Notebook file

Select a Notebook file you have saved on your computer, network folder, or Dropbox


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